Thursday 4 July 2013

BBC Spotlight investigation demonstrates why transparency in NI Politics is essential

In the wake of the BBC Spotlight investigation into Red Sky, NIHE and the involvement of senior DUP politicians, Green MLA Steven Agnew has reiterated his long-standing demands for greater political transparency in Northern Ireland.

“This journalistic expose of the behind the scenes dealings of senior DUP Executive politicians on behalf of a discredited private company raises some very serious questions,” the Green Party Leader said.

“Those questions need to be answered openly and honestly and in a timely way if the public are to have any kind of trust in our political system.

“The Green Party has consistently called for greater transparency regarding the relationship between parties and their corporate and private supporters.

“Every political decision in Northern Ireland is open to questions of undue influence from vested interests - from planning decisions to procurement contracts, the question is always asked was this decision made in the public interest or in the interests of party supporters.

“Given the recent power grab by the DUP in regards to the Planning Bill where OFMDFM will be able to call the shots regarding designated economic zones, complete financial transparency is now essential.

“Quite simply, there can be no democracy without transparency,” Mr Agnew said.

“The Green Party in Northern Ireland does not accept corporate donations and was the first Party to publish its donations online.

“We have been campaigning long and hard to make sure the electorate have the full picture of who pulls the strings with political parties before they give their vote.

“We await with interest Minister McCausland's and First Minister Robinson’s responses to the issues raised in this BBC program.”

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