Wednesday 15 December 2010

Shop Local, Buy Local

Now that the seasonal shopping period is underway the Green Party in Lagan Valley is urging shoppers to choose local products from local outlets.
Campaign coordinator and Lisburn South spokesperson, Dr Luke Robinson said “With the Christmas spending season in full swing, it’s more important than ever to support your local shops and businesses.
Local shopping can be good for your health, wallet, time, and for the environment. Most of us don’t take into consideration the effects our car-centric lifestyles have on the environment.”
The Greens point out that using the stores in the local community often doesn’t require car travel and provides other benefits, such as:
1. It’s far more pleasant to catch up with a local retailer you know personally, rather than dealing with a stranger. And you’ll probably find a better suited product when the seller knows you.
2. It saves time and money. You won’t be driving great distances, and you’ll probably be spending less time waiting in queues, and without having to find parking. You save money by saving petrol, too.
3. Local purchases have a lower impact on the local environment. When you buy a local product, you reduce your petrol emissions by driving less. And by using stores that require a shorter distance to deliver those products to them, you reduce emissions from delivery vehicles.
4. Friendship and trust. You are more likely to trust a familiar person who lives in your neighbourhood, and who understands what your consumer needs are better than a stranger would.
Luke continues “I understand that the big chains often provide a good variety of products, but I still feel like giving my local community shop a chance. From my personal experience, I prefer to go to the local market for a few reasons. Firstly, I can walk there, which provides me with some exercise and fresh air. Secondly, I feel welcomed, instead of being overwhelmed by a long queue and a tired cashier. Lastly, I get to know my community. For those last couple of weeks of Christmas purchases, think about shopping local!”

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